1. Alfred Stieglitz: The Steerage, 1907

    The Steerage is considered Stieglitz’s signature work, and was proclaimed by the artist and illustrated in histories of the medium as his first “modernist” photograph. It marks Stieglitz’s transition away from painterly prints of Symbolist subjects to a more straightforward depiction of quotidian life.

    The Steerage began its life as a masterpiece four years after its creation, with Stieglitz’s publication of it in a 1911 issue of Camera Work devoted exclusively to his photographs in the “new” style, together with a Cubist drawing by Picasso. Stieglitz loved to recount how the great painter had praised the collagelike dispersal of forms and shifting depths of The Steerage. Canonized retroactively, the photograph allowed Stieglitz to put his chosen medium on par with the experimental European painting and sculpture he imported and exhibited so presciently at his gallery. In 1915, he lavishly reprinted the image in large-scale photogravure on both vellum and japanese paper for inclusion in his last magazine, 291.

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    One of my favorite images of Steiglitz. I saw an original print of this when I was photographing Carl Sandburg’s home in...
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    Alfred Stieglitz: The Steerage, 1907
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