1. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Polar Bear, 1976


  2. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Kattegat, Kullaberg, 1996


  3. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Union City Drive-In, Union City, 1993


  4. Hiroshi Sugitomo (1948 -

    Hiroshi Sugimoto was born in Tokyo in 1948. In 1970 he moved to Los Angeles and studied photography at the Art Center College of Design. He is best known for his highly stylized photographic series of seascapes, movie theaters, natural history dioramas, waxworks and Buddhist sculptures. These series provoke fundamental questions about the relationship of photography and time, as well as exploring the mysterious and ineffable nature of reality.

    In recent years, Sugimoto’s work has become increasingly concrete at the same time as it has become notably more abstract. It has broken out of, or beyond, photographic illusion to touch the moment of an ideal space rendered in photography. In his Architecture series (1997-2002), rather than photographing key modernist buildings to elucidate their lines and volumes, Sugimoto blurred the image in an effort to capture not the buildings themselves but mental images of them.

    Sugimoto sees with the eye of the sculptor, painter, architect, and philosopher. Each of his series investigates the pervasive themes of time, memory, permanence, presence and absence in relation to the subject matter.

    He lives and works in New York and Tokyo.


  5. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Chrysler Building, 1997


  6. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Cabot Street Cinema, Massachusetts, 1978


  7. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Movie Theatre, Canton Palace, Ohio, 1980


  8. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Ligurian Sea, near Saviore, 1993


  9. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Hyena-Jackal-Vulture, 1976


  10. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Movie Theatre -Trylon Theatre, NYC, 1976.