1. Thomas Hoepker: Rush hour traffic in the city center. Beijing, China, 1984.


  2. Thomas Hoepker: Andy Warhol in his Factory at Union Square. New York City, 1981.


  3. Thomas Hoepker: Inside the Pantheon. Rome, Italy, 1984.


  4. Thomas Hoepker: Couple in the Zwinger. One of the famous sights in Dresden. Germany, 1990.


  5. I am not an artist. I am an image maker.
    — Thomas Hoepker

  6. Thomas Hoepker: Downtown Manhattan with World Trade Center towers, seen from “lover’s lane” in New Jersey. New Jersey, 1983.


  7. Thomas Hoepker: A geisha in traditional oiran dress in a 17th century tea house. Kyoto, 1977.


  8. Thomas Hoepker: Dresden-Neustadt damaged Trabant car and boy carting coal. East germany, Dresden, Saxony, GDR, 1990


  9. Thomas Hoepker: Old man with his pet bird in Ritan Park. Beijing, China, 1984.


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