1. Wolf Suschitzky: Venice, 1957


  2. Wolfgang Suschitzky: Democracy, 1961

    "Whilst filming a documentary about plastics, we were in a factory where we shot these ‘hands.’ They were the linings for working gloves, before they were dipped into plastic." (Wolfgang Suschitzky)


  3. Wolf Suschitzky: Tenements, London, 1936


  4. Wolf Suschitzky: Sunday morning, Oldham, 1946


  5. Wolf Suschitzky: Charing Cross, London, 1937


  6. Anonymous asked: Do you know Wolf Suschitzky? Austrian but has lived in the UK since the 30s. Google him! You're going to love him!

    Hi anon!

    Yes, I’ve heard about him and also just googled him to refresh my memory. He is really great and I’ll feature him this week. Here it was still holiday yesterday so this week is shorter, but that’s ok I guess.

    Wolf Suschitzky will be featured photographer for this week. I will start posting this evening.


  7. the-stradivarius:

    Constantine Manos: The Boston Symphony Orchestra. Boston, Massachusetts, 1958.

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  8. onlyoldphotography:

    Brassaï: Les Escaliers de Montmartre, Paris, 1930

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  9. Vivian Maier: New York, NY. 1954.


  10. Vivian Maier: Self-Portrait, 1955